The Best of British Shopping is a Mouse Click Away

Welcome to the best of British shopping.  Whether you have neglected to pick up a present for the paper boy after your last trip, or you’re wanting to pick up some great gifts for the relatives overseas, you’ve come to the right place for all finding gifts with a British theme.

As a child growing up in the colonies, I lived for the yearly Christmas gift from my Mum’s British cousins.  Rupert Bear books were a huge part of my childhood and undoubtedly helped me to grow up appreciating the British way of looking at things.  There was always a special place over our telephone desk for the scenic calendar of British places that was a favorite around our house as well.  Much excitement was expressed on the day a view of Corfe Castle turned up since the cousin who had sent the calendar along actually lived within view of this historic landmark.

Genuine British gifts may seem abundant on-line, but it takes a discerning eye to sort out the knock-offs and fakes from the real thing.  Here’s a list of four very British items that you can look for in your search for a gift that really says it came from Britain.

1.  British Flag – the union jack is universally recognized as British and you’ll see it everywhere from soccer fans to Royal Watchers anticipating the upcoming royal wedding.

2. Coats of Arms: Many families who have a British ancestry can track down a Coat of Arms for their family. Do a bit of research and delight relatives far away with their very own teapot containing the family crest as well.

3.  Silverware. Genuine silver articles really give everyone a royal feeling.  If your pocket isn’t quite rich enough for silver, then pewter items make a truly British alternate to their silver cousins.

4.  Smoked salmon in a gift basket will please whoever receives it and bring a taste of home to someone who relocated to the colonies many years ago.

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